My Joy
導演 Director:沙基羅斯尼薩 Sergei Loznitsa

德國、烏克蘭、荷蘭 Germany, Ukraine, Netherlands|2010|127 分鐘 min|彩色 Colour|DCP
俄語、德語、英語對白,英文字幕 In Russian, German, English with English subtitles

14/1 (二 Tue) 7:30pm

Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre

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時間把人拋進流轉的地獄,不仁的歷史從沒止息。在俄國偏遠的公路上,年輕貨車司機Georgy 為了運送麵粉,踏上滿載奇人惡事黑歷史的長途路程。先是被不知所謂的交通警截查車輛、二戰老兵突然上車講故、雛妓死纏要做交易;中途停在肩摩轂擊的小市集,走進悲情村莊,Georgy 眼睛掃過每張被歲月打磨的滄桑臉孔,不自知往後的人生會如他們一樣慘白、失格。殘酷的二戰歷史悄悄溜進來,與現代完美接洽,兩代俄國的腐敗、軍暴警暴無情地剝削人的靈魂,剩下空洞的軀殼。就這樣一鑊熟吧,時間巨輪如是說。沙基羅斯尼薩首部劇情長片,即在康城影展大放異彩,競逐最高榮譽金棕櫚獎。電影打破線性時間的敍事,突然閃回與主角無關的歷史段落,教人聯想阿倫雷奈的意識流經典《去年在馬倫巴》(1961)的時間迷宮。以為電影乃Georgy的個人記憶遊記,其實真正的敍事者是時間本身,歷史在凝視我們的所作所為。

Time is a vicious cycle and cruelty repeats itself in history without fail. On a rural highway in Russia, young driver Georgy’s quest to deliver flour on his truck became a journey into the darkness and absurdity. First, he gets stopped by a ridiculous traffic cop, picks up a hitchhiking veteran of the Second World War, and encounters a young sex worker pestering him for business. Then, he stops at a crowded market and enters a barren village. He sees faces ravaged by rough times, wondering if he would end up like them one day. The cruel history of the Second World War creeps in and bridges to the contemporary era perfectly. Two generations of Russian corruption, military atrocity and police brutality have mercilessly devoured the human soul. All that is left is a body with an empty cavity, and nothing left to lose. Sergei Loznita’s first fictional feature was a roaring success at Cannes, where it competed for the prestigious Palme d’Or. The film breaks away from linear storytelling, as it flashes back to historical events that are seemingly unrelated to the protagonist. Such an obscure narrative structure is akin to Alain Resnais’ Last Year at Marienbad (1961). Time—not Georgy—is the real narrator of the story, as history gazes upon our every deed.

2010 康城影展金棕櫚獎及金攝影機獎提名
Nominated for Palme d’Or and Golden Camera, Cannes Film Festival 2010

2010 芝加哥國際電影節最佳劇情片提名
Nominated for Best Feature, Chicago International Film Festival 2010

2010 基輔國際電影節評審團大獎
Grand Prix, Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival 2010

沙基羅斯尼薩 Sergei Loznitsa

生於巴拉諾維奇,後來在烏克蘭的基輔成長。1987年畢業於基輔理工學院的應用數學系後,前往莫斯科就讀莫斯科國立電影學院,並於1997年畢業。自1996年來執導超過二十部獲獎的紀錄片以及四部劇情片。第一部劇情長片《你快樂我大鑊》(2010)首映於第六十三屆康城影展的正式競賽單元,其後憑着《霧裏人鬼神》(2012)再度進入競賽單元並獲得國際影評人聯盟獎。紀錄片《佔領廣場》(2014) 再次入選康城影展,在特别放映單元中舉行世界首映。《鐵幕溫柔女子》(2017)第三度進入康城影展正式競賽單元;次年完成劇情片《瘋狂的邊境》(2018),榮獲為第七十一屆康城影展「一種關注」的最佳導演獎。其他作品《蘇維埃大事件》(2015)、《莫斯科大審判》(2018)與State Funeral(2019)亦入選威尼斯影展的特別放映單元。在2013年成立了電影製片與發行公司ATOMS & VOID,活躍於製作紀錄片與劇情長片兩個領域。  

Born in Baranovici (USSR) and grew up in Kiev, Ukraine. After graduation from Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Applied Mathematics in 1987, he studied feature filmmaking at the Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) in Moscow and graduated in 1997. He has been making films since 1996, and by now he has directed beyond 20 award-winning documentaries and 4 fiction films. His feature debut My Joy (2010) premiered in the main competition at the Festival de Cannes, and was followed by the feature film In the Fog (2012), which was awarded FIPRESCI prize at the same festival. His documentary Maidan (2014) had its world premiere at a Séance Special of Cannes Film Festival. In 2017, he presented his third feature A Gentle Creature (2017) in the competition of the Cannes Film Festival, and in the next year he was awarded Best Directing of the Un Certain Regard section of Cannes Film Festival for his fourth feature film Donbass (2018). His other feature-length documentaries, The Event (2015), The Trial (2018) and State Funeral (2019) were presented at the Special Screenings of the Venice Film Festival. He founded a film production company ATOMS & VOID in 2013. Sergei Loznitsa continues to work both in documentary and feature genres.