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關於影意志及香港獨立電影節 About Ying E Chi and HKindieFF



自2008年開始,影意志舉辦「香港獨立電影節」(2008 -2009 兩屆為「香港亞洲獨立電影節」),讓香港觀眾欣賞到各地優秀的獨立電影作品,豐富本地的觀影選擇。

Founded in 1997, Ying E Chi is a non-profit arts organisation that was established by a group of Hong Kong independent filmmakers. Our mission is to unite local independent filmmakers, as well as to distribute and to promote independent films. In 2011, branch in Macau was founded to strengthen the cooperation between independent filmmakers in the two cities.

Local film productions are dominated by commercial hegemony. Many of the mainstream productions are market oriented, lacking in reflection and critique on status quo. Thus, we emphasise independent spirit, in which creativity comes first, and are intended to discover productions with greater artistic and social value. Over the past few years, there are many constraints on independent production and distribution. We will keep exploring more channels for independent films to connect with general audience as we head towards our 20th Anniversary.

Ying E Chi has been organising HKindieFF annually since 2008 (2008-2009 as Hong Kong Asian Independent Film Festival), in order to promote independent films of world cinema, and to provide alternative film selections for local audience.

地址 Address:九龍觀塘觀塘道472-484號官塘工業中心第一期4字樓H室
Flat H, 4/F, Block 1, Kwun Tong Industrial Centre, 472-484 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon
電話 Tel:+852 2836 6282 電郵 Email:yingechi@gmail.com
網址 Website:www.yingechi.org
Facebook:影意志影院 Ying E Chi Cinema

節目官方網站及專頁 Website & Facebook:

All programmes are subject to change, updated information will be available on our website.

節目團隊 Team of Indie Focus

節目總監 Programme Director

崔允信 Vincent Chui

客席策劃 Guest Curator

林家威 Lim Kah Wai

助理策劃及統籌 Assistant Curator & Coordinator

龔秋曦 Aki Kung

嘉賓統籌 Hospitality Coordinators

蔡嘉儀 Kaiu Choy
林家威 Lim Kah Wai

節目助理 Operation Assistants

鄧頌賢 Jaspa Tang
羅凱盈 Vicgina Law

協力 Student Helpers

蔡育衡 Sunny Choi
區霖恩 Hosanna Au
梁頌霖 Leung Chung Lam

訂票冊子文字及編輯 Booklet Writers & Editors

足立正生 Masao Adachi
林家威 Lim Kah Wai
龔秋曦 Aki Kung

英文翻譯 English Translator

羅鍵鏘 Francisco Lo
鄧頌賢 Jaspa Tang
龔秋曦 Aki Kung

日文翻譯 Japanese Translators

林家威 Lim Kah Wai
杜紹康 Simon Tu

概念及平面設計 Concept & Graphic Design

江田雀 Peter Bird

插畫 Illustration

何倩彤 Ho Sin Tung

網頁製作Website Production

Arko Chan of WS852

電影節宣傳片製作 Festival Trailer Production

許仲賢 Eric Hui

影意志仝人Members of Ying E Chi

藝術總監 Artistic Director

崔允信 Vincent Chui

節目經理 Programme Manager

龔秋曦 Aki Kung

節目及行政助理 Programme & Administrative Assistant

鄧頌賢 Jaspa Tang

兼職行政主任 Administrative Officer (Part-time)

葉家敏 Carmen Ip

董事局成員 Board of Directors

主席 Chairman:陳序慶 Nose Chan
成員 Members: 鍾德勝 Simon Chung、曾翠珊 Jessey Tsang、許雅舒 Rita Hui、盧鎮業 Lo Chun Yip

特別鳴謝 Special Thanks to

足立正生先生 Mr Masao Adachi

Mr Dorian Servoin
Ms Lucie Canistro
井上淳一先生 Mr Junichi Inoue
井浦新先生 Mr Arata Iura
木全哲先生 Mr Tetsu Kimata
四方田犬彥先生 Mr Inuhiko Yomota
平澤剛先生 Mr Go Hirasawa
白石和彌先生 Mr Kazuya Shiraishi
西垣内江春小姐 Ms Koshun Nishigaito
尾崎宗子小姐 Ms Noriko Ozaki
張高翔小姐 Ms Ko Cheung
福士織繒小姐 Ms Orie Fukushi
鄭超卓先生 Mr Elson Cheng
謝琳禧小姐 Ms Tse Lam Hei

Adachi Masao Screening Committee
Blaq Out
天邊外劇場 Theatre Horizon
若松製作 Wakamatsu Productions

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region provides funding support to the project through the Film Development Fund. The funding support bears no relationship whatsoever to the content of, or views expressed in this project.

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