TPE-Tics -Rooftop Screening and Music Night

5/2 (Fri) 8:00pm

Screening -TPE-Tics

Post Screening Discussion
Director Jessica Wan Yu Lin, Dawang

Music performance
黃大旺 Dawang


Rooftop, Joint Venture Factory
Building, 76 Hung To Road,
Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

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Full-time Student & Ying E Chi Member

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影意志影院 Ying E Chi Cinema

4/F。4/F Foo Tak Bldg, 365 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, H.K.)

香港獨立電影節2016 放映場外櫃臺

Counter outside the screenings of
"Hong Kong Indepedent Film Festival 2016"

一次 影意志 x Hidden Agenda x MOM AND POP 的獨立電影結合音樂演出之夜。

台灣|2015|68分鐘|彩色| HD

竟然有像「孩子生了就來不及」這麼的一本書,教人不要把有「問題」的孩子生下來,預防悲劇發生。黃大旺自覺是書裡所說的悲劇,懷疑自己是過動兒,從小被當是奇怪人,雖然滿腦子想法,有正義感,有愛心,但憂鬱,孤獨,彎著身體,自卑。只有在音樂會中,他的特立獨行能得到賞識;在廣闊的噪音抽象世界裡頭,他是個自在的藝術家。於是他化身黑狼(黑暗校園民歌之狼)、姚映凡(Yingfan-Psalmanazar),配合Ian Curtis式的舞蹈,在曲子完結前,完美的存在。

YEC x Hidden Agenda x MOM AND POP
A night of independent film crossover music performance. The director of TPE-tics Jessica Wan Yu Lin and the interviewee Huang Da Wang will attend the post-screening discussion and music performance.

Taiwan|2015|68 min|Color| HD
In Mandarin with Chinese & English Subtitles
Director: Jessica Wan Yu Lin
It is unbelievable that book like “The missing start key form the God’s” would exist. The book asks people not to give birth to “problematic” kids so as to prevent tragedy from happening. Huang Da Wang,who suspects if he suffered from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, feels like he is the “tragedy” mentioned in the book. He has been treated as a freak since childhood, he has a lot of ideas in mind, a sense of righteous and is also benevolent, however he is as well melancholic, lonely, crooked and feels inferior. Only in music concerts, his non-conformity is being appreciated; in the broad abstract world of noise, he is a comfortable artist. Hence, he incarnates as Dark Wolf (Wolf of the dark campus folk song) or Yingfan-Psalmanazar, dances like Ian Curtis and has a perfect existence before the end of the songs.

導演簡介 Director Biography
林婉玉 Jessica Wan Yu Lin
Jessica Wan-Yu LIN, born in 1984. Live and work in Taipei.
She is an independent filmmaker now engaged in art documentaries and video design. She often cooperating with sound art performers, choreographers, and theatre workers.
The collaborators including Shu-Yi and dancers, Very Mainstream Studio, and Kandala Records. She was particularly concerned about the arts and culture for a small minority, and she aims to investigate the different value of living. "TPE-Tics" is her first feature length documentary.
協辦 Co-host
Hidden Agenda

有說,香港沒有樂壇。獨立音樂卻相信自創自主,想有,就一手一腳,由無變有。 HIDDEN AGENDA 成立於二零零九年,一直致力提供一個不算最舒適,但一定是最出色的演出場地給本地及國際樂隊。

HIDDEN AGENDA 多年來曾舉辦及協辦超過五百場大大小小的音樂演出,種類包括金屬、爵士、民謠、搖滾、英倫搖滾、歌唱比賽、私人Party、Para Para Sakura、實驗Karaoke等,任何你講得出或講唔出的種類都有。與此同時,HIDDEN AGENDA 亦會不定期舉辦及協辦音樂以外的活動,例如寵物領養日、電影放映會、工作坊、派對、展覽會、手作市集及各類型的私人活動等等。於二零一零年尾,HIDDEN AGENDA 更獲得Time Out Magazie (HK) 評為本地最佳場地。

HIDDEN AGENDA 最多可容納三百名觀眾,場地內的設施包括:寬闊表演台、強勁音響設備、促進樂團緊密交流的無障礙休息室、無酒精酒吧檯、工業風廁所、及經常被誤以為是廁所的 Hidden Shop* 等。 *Hidden Shop 專售演出門票、樂隊唱片和本地品牌產品。由於經營時間全看心情,故此出發前請先致電預約。


HIDDEN AGENDA was founded in 2009 as a group of post-80’s music lovers came up with a crazy idea - transform a band room situated in an industrial estate into a venue for live indie music. Now it has grown into a major hot spot for local musicians and music lovers. Over the years, HIDDEN AGENDA has been organizing more than 500 gigs featuring local and international artists with a diverse range of genres including rock, heavy metal, jazz, folk, punk, post-rock, reggae, visual rock, hip-hop, experimental, noise, techno and so on.

Besides, HIDDEN AGENDA has fully utilize its space by constantly organizing various kinds of events, such as Pet Adopation Day, Screening, Workshops, Parties, Exhibitions, Handicraft market and Private events. In the end of 2010, Hidden Agenda was picked by Time Out Magazine (HK) as the best venue in Hong Kong.

HIDDEN AGENDA can cater for receptions of up to 300 people, with the facilities include - Big stage, Strong audio equipments, Backstage lounge, a Bar table, Industrial-style bathrooms, *Hidden Shop and so on. *Hidden Shop Hidden Shop specialized in selling tickets, band CD and T-shirt, local brands products. Opening hours depends on mood, please make a reservation before visit.

Our team members include audio and lighting technicians, bartenders, cashier, handyman and senior handyman.

地址 Address: 香港觀塘大業街15-17號永富工業大廈2A
2A, Winful Industrial Bldg, 15-17 Tai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, H.K.
網址 Website: hiddenagenda.hk
電郵 Email: hiddenagendahk@gmail.com
電話 Tel : (852) 9088 8950
WhatsApp: 59936252
微信WeChat: HiddenAgenda-cs
設計與場地伙伴 Design & Venue Partner

MOM AND POP 多媒體設計工作室。目標以無分彼此的合作精神解決不同形式的設計問題,將意念引伸至圖像、錄像、插畫、空間、時裝、品牌策略、甚至任何有可能的範疇。成立至今,我們先後與不同企業合作,透過設計帶出各品牌和機構的文化價值。

設計以外,MOM AND POP 注重自身文化藝術的發展。2015年初,我們於觀塘工業區建立新工作室,同時將工作室部分的空間劃分出來作藝術活動,透過舉辦各類型的展覽會、放映會、音樂會、分享會等活動,實驗這個空間的可能性。

MOM AND POP is a multi-media design studio. The name of our company says it all - serving as a small family owned business. In a homelike office we work closely and flexibly in making audacious innovation.

In virtue of our experience and sensibilities, we extend our thoughts into a multitude of spectrums, including visual design, cinematography, illustration, space design, fashion, brand building, and any possible aspects. Since the establishment of MOM AND POP, we have been collaborating with various enterprises to bring out the value of corporate culture.

Besides, the development of Arts and Culture is also one of our major concerns. In 2015, we established our new studio at a factory building located in Kwun Tong. By dividing part of its inner space for the purposes of art, MOM AND POP is also a hub and exploratory platform for different kinds of arts and cultural projects. Through organizing various kinds of exhibitions, screenings, gigs, sharing sessions and so on, we explore the possibilities among this space.

地址Address:香港觀塘鴻圖道76號聯運工業大慶14樓 E室
Flat E,14/F, Joint Venture Factory Building, 76 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
電話 Tel: (852) 3563 8003
電郵 Email: hello@momandpop.co