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Night Corridor



名字的玫瑰 "董啟章"地圖

The Rose of the Name:
Writing Hong Kong




Open road after harvest



Hong Kong Independent

Shorts Selection 




Hong Kong Independent Shorts Selection 




郭逸材的《保持肅靜》,以電影院作題材,藉劇情向光怪陸離的觀眾 們敲問 : 「不要問電影可以給你什麼,問自己可以給電影什麼。」 伍偉昌的《觀塘,五月三十二日》為『第二屆華人民間電影集資計劃』 首部完成作品,導演及其團隊用五年時間結集一個個真實訪問,紀錄 觀塘市區重建藍圖背後,地區的歷史文化和生活面貌,填補推土機前, 重建區即將失去的畫面。


是許雅舒導演於 2014 年發起的短片創作意念,參與計劃的創作人用 一晚時間,在香港任何一條行人隧道內拍攝一個故事。她本人的《哀 溺文》借唐朝柳宗元寫的「哀溺文」對我城發出的哀號,以身體、慢 舞,對選擇掉與不掉、踏出與否作出叩問,擴張出一個個想像的空間。 蔡嘉儀的《夜雨》發生在九龍城某段曾經能通往啟德機場的隧道裏, 刻劃了『正常』與『不正常』的一場擦身而過。在現實與虛惘之間, 要走,還是停留 ?


Four shorts that record the city in different forms and styles.


Ambrose Kwok's Once upon a time in cinema was taken places in cinema, by means of the plots to question the peculiar audience: "ask not what a movie can do for you, ask what you can do for the movie".


Stanley Ng's KwunTong, 32nd May is the first finished work of the 2nd Chinese Independent Filmmaking Fundraising Project. Ng and this crew conducted numerous authentic interviews over the span of five years, just to document the local history and culture together with many walks of life behind the blueprint of Kwun Tong redevelopement, and to fill in the vanishing scenes before the bulldozer comes. Cities are consist of communities. Furthermore, Hong Kong is connected by pedestrian subways. The two following stories that set their main storyline inside tunnels originated from an creative idea of shorts initiated by director Rita Hui in 2014. Participants of the project are required to shoot a drama in any pedestrian subways in Hong Kong, within one night's time. Elegy by Rita Hui is a lament of the city told through the poem "Lamenting a death by drowning"by Liu Zhong Yuan from Tang Dynasty. Spaces of imagination are expanded through a series of body movements, dance and genuine questioning of whether to take the step or not. A Rainly Night by Kaiu Choy takes place in a subway that once connected to Kai Tak Airport in Kowloon City. It portraits a brief encounter between "normal" and "abnormal". Between reality and illusions, should we go on, or should we stay?



Once upon a time in cinema 

2014 / 香港 Hong Kong / 彩色 Color / 12min
廣東話對白,中英文字幕 In Cantonese with Chinese &English Subtitles
導演 Director: 郭逸材 Ambrose Kwok



The first finished work of the 2nd Chinese Independent Filmmaking Fundraising Project:



KwunTong, 32nd May 

2014 / 香港 Hong Kong / 彩色 Color / 40min
廣東話對白,中英文字幕 In Cantonese with Chinese &English Subtitles
導演 Director: 伍偉昌 Stanley Ng



Subway series:




2014 / 香港 Hong Kong / 彩色 Color / 23min
廣東話對白,中英文字幕 In Cantonese with Chinese &English Subtitles
導演 Director: 許雅舒 Rita Hui



A Rainy Night 

2014 / 香港 Hong Kong / 彩色 Color / 10min
廣東話對白,中英文字幕 In Cantonese with Chinese &English Subtitles
導演 Director: 蔡嘉儀 Kaiu Choy




郭逸材 Yat Choi


畢業於香港浸會大學電影學院,曾任職助理制片、副導演、剪接、CG ARTIST、編劇。2013 年加入香港電視,參與政治劇《選戰》創作。

Yat Choi Ambrose Kwok graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University, major in Cinema and Telvision. He has worked as a production assistant, assistant director, editor, cg artist and screenwriter. In 2013, he joined HKTV as a writer for the television drama The Election.


伍偉昌 Ng Wai-cheong, Stanley


香港攝影師及獨立紀錄片導演。攝影及錄像作品可見於不同刊物和媒介 , 亦有參與本地攝影展。部份作品有被藝廊所收藏 , 內容多與時事、 社會和社區紀實議題有關。

在攝影範疇外 , 伍偉昌亦有參與社區文化活動及撰寫與藝術有關的文章。

Ng Wai-cheong Stanley is a photographer and independent documentary director from Hong Kong. His photo and video works can be seen in different publications and media. He participated in some visual art exhibitions and some works were collected by local galleries. His documentary photos and films concern about community and social issues in documentaries.

In addition, he takes part in some social, cultural and community activities and writing articles about art as well.


許雅舒 Rita Hui


錄像藝術家、導演 , 現任教於香港城市大學創意媒體學院。過去十多 年以來積極探討敘事的可能性 , 不斷挑戰影像和敘事之外更多呈現表 述的方式。2009 年完成了個人首部電影作品《慢性中毒》, 並參展 2009 年釜山電影節"New Current", 該電影被喻為香港有史以來首部 長篇實驗電影。

Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Art in Film & TV. Her work Ah Ming gained wide attention and won the Distinguished Award of the Hong Kong Independent Short Film & Video Award in 1996. In 2008, she finished her first featured film, Dead Slowly and it was shown in PIFF 2009's New Current section and HKAIFF.


蔡嘉儀 Kaiu Choy


曾任職香港電台超過十年,2006年中很想辭職歐遊,回來後成了自由 身工作者,涉獵過不同工作後,她發現在邊沿裡生活和工作才是她人生的最大意義。

2014年中,加入許雅舒導演的『隧道』計劃,完成了首個短片習作《夜 雨》。

She had been working in RTHK for more than ten years. In 2006, she decided to quit her job to travel to Europe. She became a freelancer after the trip. After she had dabbled in different kinds of jobs, she found her greatest significance is living and working in the edge.

In the mid of 2014, she joined Rita Hui's ongoing project Subway, and finished her first short film exercise A Rainy Night.










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