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Night Corridor



名字的玫瑰 "董啟章"地圖

The Rose of the Name:
Writing Hong Kong




Open road after harvest



Hong Kong Independent

Shorts Selection 



致敬選映 : 李志超

Julian 總給我充滿生命力的感覺。


記得十五年前第一次認識他,是在城大當教職的時候。那時候的他, 在走廊頭說話,走廊尾都會聽到,天氣熱的時候白襪涼鞋上班,都給 學生們很多茶餘飯後的話題。記得每次上完堂和他下午茶,不是說學 生,就是說大家的男朋友,最記得那時候他的電腦旁邊及桌面,就是 那一張撐着雨傘笑容燦爛的老外男仕。


離開香港之後,再次見到 Julian 就是在荷蘭及意大利的亞洲電影節播 放《妖夜迴廊》的時候。那時候的 Julian 一講起《妖夜迴廊》,不得 不提的就是一邊教書,一邊拍電影那種把橡皮筋拉得快斷的感覺,及 對他自己作品的不斷自我批評,覓求下次改善的態度,這都是我很少 在其他導演身上看到的東西。


早幾年得知 Julian 的身體出了問題,亦有幸得到他邀請和他一起合導 他的新片。中氣十足的他,每次開會的時候都完全沒有給人一種他有 病的感覺。在他倫敦家時,他老是東跑西跑,給客人打點一切,還帶 我到處吃好東西,shopping 鳩嗚...


今天,Julian 剩下我和一班戰友打點他的新作,他那獨特的談吐,「鞋 抽」的笑容及放射的生命力還是瀝瀝在目,相信在他的看護下,他的 新作很快就可以和大家見面了 !


- 洪榮傑《無聲風鈴》導演


Tribute to Julian Lee 


Julian Lee always project an energizing feeling.


When I first met Julian fifteen years ago, we were both lecturers in City Univerity. He had a voice so loud that you could hear him speaking from the other end of the corridor. The fact that he wore white socks in sandals during hot weather also became a piece of gossip among students. We had after-class gatherings, not to discuss on student affairs, but to talk about our boyfriends. I remember next to the computer on his desk, there is a picture of a grinning western gentlement under an umbrella.


I met Julian again after my departure from Hong Kong when Night Corridor was screened in Asian Film Festival both in the Netherlands and Italy. Each time Julian talked about Night Corridor, he could not but compare the stress of making the movie while teaching at the same time to a stretched rubber band. His attitude of constant self-critique and pursuit of improvement is something I rarely find on other directors.


I learned that Julain had problem with health some years ago. I had the honor to be invited to co-direct his new movie. Julian was so energetic that no one noticed his illness during meetings. When I was staying in his home in London, Julian hustled to take care of all the things I needed and showed me to good restaurants and shops.


Today, Julian leaves his unfinished new work to me and the team. His unique gestures, big smile and radiant liveliness is still vivid before our eyes. I believe by the grace of Julian, his new work will soon be presented to all of you.


-Kit Hung director of the film Soundless Wind Chime








2003 / 香港 / 75 分鐘 / 彩色
導演 : 李志超


野心不小的獨立作品,一網打盡的將壓抑的同志慾望、戀母情意結、 宗教禁忌、原始獸性的殺慾,統統共治一壚,炮製出一段令人心驚膽 顫的異色愛慾。旅英藝術家袁森,得悉雙生弟弟離奇死亡, 遂回港了 解內情。可是真相愈查愈迷離,母親再婚, 神經錯亂,唯一線索, 只有亡弟遺下的一本禁書。苦無頭緒之際,又勾起了昔日遭校長非禮 的回憶。袁森重遇舊男友, 慾念四起, 欲斷難斷,並認識了亡弟女 友秀冰,遭其色誘,一切儼如撒旦的召喚,妖冶迷離的將袁森一步步 推向魔鬼的陷阱。「波蘭斯基式的怪異詭秘、大衛連治的暗夜迷離, 再加上李志超的獨門情慾秘方,結果就是懸疑驚嚇的《妖夜迴廊》。」



Night Corridor 


2003 / Hong Kong / 75min / Color
In Cantonese with Chinese & English subtitles
Director: Julian Lee


An artist investigates the uncanny death of his twin brother who was gnawed and clawed to pieces by wild monkeys. He ends up grappling with the beast within, after being gobbled alive by a ravenous nympho and getting sucked into in a series of grisly murders. Out of his closet tumble skeletons of repressed homosexuality, pedophilic abuse, Oedipal complex and primal cruelty. But eerier stuff awaits him in a colonial library guarded by a night porter who may be the Devil Incarnate. A danse macabre choreographed with European flair and painterly texture, transposed from the Satanic world of Polanski and Goya to a post-97 Hong Kong of a paranoia, animal appetite, and - monkey business.





李志超 (1958年-2014年10月10日)

Julian Lee (1958 - 10 October 2014)




Hong Kong photographer, associate professor of the Department of School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. Former magazine editor, photography and art director, director, also a writer. He had published several books, including essays and fiction. His film works include "distracted" and "Night Corridor" which was adapted from his own serial novel "Night Corridor" , this film has been involved in more than a dozen of film festivals, and was nominated in the Golden Horse Film Festival.











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