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今年獨立電影節的第一個驚喜,竟然是在招募義工時發生,只不過在臉書上宣傳,竟然有超過七十人回應,其中有一半以上是真正對獨立電影及影意志有認識和興趣的,常聽說有人批評 今天香港的年青人不願付出,看來這是值不值得他們付出的問 題,我相信我們的理念仍然是有人認同的。


兩年半前被藝發局削去一年資助後,我們開始了一個「不會完」的電影節,很多在獨立電影節中曝光的中、港、台電影,都會繼續有很多放映的機會。今年我們還跟香港藝術中心,草場地工作站和應亮導演合作『香港民間記憶計劃:紀錄片創作工作坊及放映會』作為本屆電影節的節前活動,同時華人民間電影集資計劃也會舉辦第二屆,而參與的電影更增加至四部,不過今年我們會再次變陣,華語部份將延後至年中舉行,是次先安 排一些專題放映。














The first surprise for this year festival definitely begins with the volunteer recruitment! There are already more than 70 people interested in joining us just via Facebook promotion; besides, more than half even possess understanding and interests in independent films as well as Ying E Chi. While it is often heard that youngsters nowadays are unwilling to make effort and contribute, we believe that it is actually the worthiness rather than willingness which matters the most. We have strong faith that our belief is still widely-recognized.


Since our one-year subsidy from Hong Kong Arts Development Council was out down two and a half year ago, we have started a 'never-ending' film festival. Lots of films from the mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan which were screened in the previous Independent Film Festivals continue to receive a lot of screening opportunities afterwards. For this year's pre-festival event, we have collaborated with Hong Kong Arts Centre, Cao Chang Di Workstation, and director Ying Liang on "Hong Kong Folk Memory Project: Documentary Workshop and Screening". This time, it will be the second year to carry out the Chinese Independent Filmmaking Fundraising Project (CIFF) and the number of participating films has even increased to four. Nonetheless, while some films have been arranged to screen in January, the CIFF section will be held in the mid of year.


The rationale of screening "A Report from Haneda" by director Shinsuke Ogawa is not merely to show back audience the before "Narita" series that we have missed in his retrospective exhibition two years ago, but because it is also important for Hong Kong to see how Ogawa records the clashes between police and citizens. Protests are happening all over the world while Makhmalbaf family from Iran and Haiti film directors both tend to use film as a medium to confront authoritative power. Although only part of these directors' work can be featured with our limited resources, we truthfully hope to
take this opportunity to present our audience such marvelous productions and then they can continue the 'never-ending' film festival through digging out much more similarly excellent works on their own.


Director Huang Mingchuan is the pioneer of Taiwan independent films, yet the overbearing mainstream and the increasingly commercialized films have hindered younger audience from getting to know him. This time, he is going to share with us his 35mm copies of "Myth Trilogy" during his visit to Hong Kong.


My old friend Lim Kah-wai brought his "Fly me to Minami" to attend the Hong Kong Independent Film Festival and I would also like to thank him for planning and organizing the Japanese Independent Film section.


Finally, I would like to say thank you to all cultural and film critics who helped to write reviews for this occasion, composing this booklet with pieces and pieces of inspiring articles. They keep reminding us that the purpose of Hong Kong Independent Film Festival is not merely about organizing a glamorous or a mass consumption, but to make progress on everyone.


Vincent Chui
Artistic Director of Ying E Chi

Curator of HKindieFF 2014