Post-Screening Seminar

The Art and Politics of AgnesVarda

21/1 (Mon) 9:20pm
After the screening of The Beaches of Agnes

With no doubt, Varda has created a uniquely personal cinematic style that many French New Wave filmmakers have acknowledged her influence on their works. She often shows her concern for minority communities, to present their story in an experimental way with the singularity of composition she strives to achieve, which allows her to emphasis on both realism and symbolism in her works. After the screening of “The Beaches of Agnes”, three guest speakers will share their feelings on Varda’s works in a dialogue format.

Guest Speakers:
Rita Hui (Filmmaker, Instructor of School of Creative Media, The City University of Hong Kong ) 、
Anson Mak (Moving Image/sound artist, Assistant Professor of Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University) 、
Lee Wai Yi (director of v-artivist ) 

The seminar will begin after the screening of The Beaches of Agnes. Audience without ticket is still welcome to join the seminar as long as seats are still available.