The Gleaners & I

France / 2000 / Color / 82min / 35mm
In French with English subtitles
Director : Agnès Varda
20/1 (Sun) 9:30pm,agnès b. CINEMA

Inspired by François Milet’s famous painting ‘The Gleaners’, Agnès Varda decides to take her DV camera and travel French countryside and city, in search of the ‘modern gleaners’: The poor and vagabond who glean for survive, people glean because of their opposition of waste and consumerism, and artists who love to create with garbage. Telling the story from a first person point of view, not only does Varda want to reveal the waste of consumerism, but also the modern gleaners’ discovery of new meaning in garbage. Yes, Varda is, indeed, one of the modern gleaners. As a filmmaker, she picks ideas, images and emotional of other people, to make such a heartwarming film.

"Best Documentary Award", European Film Awards 2000
"Gold Hugo", Chicago International Film Festival 2000
"Best Film", French Syndicate of Cinema Critics 2001