Provoking Reality – Oberhausen Manifesto 50th anniversary program 2

West Germany / 1962-1965 / Color B&W / 106min
In German with English subtitles
Director : Oberhausen Manifesto signatories
20/1 (Sun) 4:00pm

Free Admission, First Come First Served

Short Film Programme II

Amongst the seven short films in this programme, “It must be a piece of Hitler” is a sharp satire against certin municipal government in turning sites related to Hitler and the ruins of concentration camps into tourist attractions. “Weeds” presents the German people’s everyday evils and bureaucracy through animated parables, and “Weimar Republic Posters, 1918-1933” narrates the social turmoil surrounding Hitler’s rise to power through the propaganda posters printed by different political parties at the time. The puppetry in “Marionettes” reveals to us the national character of the German people, and celebrates the meaning and sacredness of peasantry work “Granstein”. Last but not least, there’s “Registration” that reflects the reality of contemporary society in West Germany from the oblique angle of an old people’s home.

If you find official histories too boring, and unofficial ones not informative enough, the forceful and imaginatively abstract experimental works of these young directors shall take you on a breathtaking journey through Germany’s contemproary and post war developments.