Provoking Reality – Oberhausen Manifesto 50th anniversary program 1

West Germany / 1958-1961 / Color B&W / 93min
In German with English subtitles
Director : Oberhausen Manifesto signatories
20/1 (Sun) 2:00pm 

Free Admission, First Come First Served

Short Film Programme I

The eight films featured in this programme are a kaleidoscope of the cultural aesthetics of a new wave of German films. Through their camera lenses, the directors would not only bring you to Greece to witness the lives of islanders who do not rely on fossil fuels “The Sun-Baked Island of Crete”, but also to Munich to reminiscent the past life of the Munich Opera House “Story of an Opera House”. To see with the eyes of spirits Nazi architecture “Yesterday goes on forever” , and to survey the truths and lies in Moscow’s “Youth Day” during the Cold War era “Moscow is calling!”. While “People at the Espresso Bar” shows us the faces from all walks of life who stops for a coffee at the café on the street, “Salinas” portrays the mundane life of those who patiently work in the salt mining industry. A variety of planes and light rays are captured in the shadows of “Shadow”, and “Communication: Communication Technology” explores the scientific poetics of sound and image reproduction technologies.