Graupel Poetry

China, Hong Kong / 2011 / Color / 77min
In Mandarin with English subtitles
Director: Bruce X. Saxway
19/1 (Sat) 9:30pm,agnès b. CINEMA

Who is the protagonist of the story, who is the subject of life, what kind of love considered wrong to touch? The inseparable brothers Leung and Ming realized that an unusual intimacy emerged in their daily life. When the taboo was broken, Leung realized that he was just living underneath the shadow of his brother. How do we draw a boundary dividing reality and dreams? Is it too wrong to escape, or too hard to confront? Did life teach us that the Pandora's Box was actually a Matryoshka doll?
Graupel Poetry brings you into a world of Koreyoshi, revealing the beauty of bleeding, violence and blurred vividness of the sexual orientation, gender, relationship and your ambition and desire.

Director’s Biography

Bruce X. Saxway
Graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Film and City University of Hong Kong Department of Creative Media. Director of short film “It’s All Written” (2009). “Graupel Poetry” is his debut feature.

San Franciso International LGBT Film Festival
Minneapolis Underground Film Festival 2012
Queer Fruits Film Festival 2012