Keening Woman

Hong Kong / premiere / 2012 / Color / 114min
In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles
Director : Rita Hui
19/1 (Sat) 7:30pm & 23/1(Wed) 7:30pm,agnès b. CINEMA

In a farewell ceremony for a friend of the family, Cotton acts abnormally because of Ling. Her body and her consciousness are separating.  Different memories, consciousnesses, identities and actions are lingering inside Cotton, which collaborate the unusual relationship between herself, her lame boyfriend and her psychiatrist.  

There is the one body, in which Cotton and Spirit (Ling) connect with each other spiritually and which leads them wandering the “Luo Feng Mountain”. There is water flowing downstream which constitutes different scenes and imageries, delving into the consciousness. It presents something that is beyond substance. It returns them to the nature and begins an indescribable journey of Chinese ink painting.

“Luo Feng Mountain is the Underworld. The Underworld is our secular.

Director’s Biography

Rita Hui
Is a video artist, director and teacher in City University of Hong Kong. She is a young talented director. Her short films and video works included “Ah Ming” (1996), “She makes me wanna to die” (1997), “Invisible City (Wall)” (1998) and “Alice in the Wonderland” (1999), all have won Awards and widely shown. Rita started video creative work and installation from 2001 , included “Chionanthus Retusus” (2001), “IdoLetHerMyHeadHave” (2004), “Red Ridding Hood” (2005) and “RED” (2006). In 2007, she has established and lunched Rabbit Travelogue with sound artist Edwin LO. In 2009, she finished her 1st featured film with HKADC funding, “Dead Slowly” (2009) and it was shown in PIFF 2009's New Current section and HKAIFF.