Film Class before the End of the World +
Gigantic Monster Strikes Taiwan

22/1 (Tue) 9:45pm, agnès b. CINEMA

Film Class before the End of the World

Taiwan / 2012 / Color / 46min
In Mandarin and Hoklo with Chinese and English subtitles
Director : Richard Hsiao

Under the Taiwanese government’s planning, Talinpu has been developing its heavy industries since 1980s. Such development took its toll on the environment – greenery disappeared, and the harbour’s polluted and turned tiffany blue. The director and Talipu’s villagers joint hands in documenting the pollution and their emotions surrounding it. They performed social activism together too – as the villagers chanted their slogans, demonstrated and rehearsed demonstrating, the lines between rehearsals and the actual act itself are blurred.

Director’s Biography

Richard Hsiao
Is an active participant of social movements in Taiwan, in particular to environmental issues. He organized the “Golden Sugarcane Talinpu Film Festival” during the Talipu demonstrations, carving out a platform where art intervened into social activism. His work included “Lo-Sheng Sanatorium” (2005), “Dachen Village” (2008), “Graffiti besides Temple” (2010).

Taiwan Localvoice Award 2012 
South Taiwan Film Festival 2012

Gigantic Monster Strikes Taiwan

Taiwan / 2012 / Color / 51min
In Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles
Director: Tang Chen-Wei

"Creativity" does not pop up out of thin air, Zeu's Muse (or, Gorzilla's fandom, with regard to this film) might be born through recalling and cleaning up "memories". We had the culturally appealing “General Guan VS Gorzilla” in Hong Kong, whilst in Taiwan, “Gigantic Monster Strikes Taiwan” could be one of its kind. To the late generations, being creative is funny, and being historic is dead serious. But if “the end of history is, alas, also the end of the dustbins of history” and the History of us has not yet come to an end, then let's pour the stuff out from the dustbin and see how trivial matters have constructed the foundation of such a present time and space.

Director’s Biography

Tang Chen-Wei
Was born in 1981, and became a monster fan at the age of 8. He graduated from TNNUA Graduate Institute of Studies in Documentary & Film Archiving, hoping to study and create further from the inspiration of monsters. His work included, “Great Monster Strikes Taiwan” (2008), “Words” (2009), “Let’s Go Spring Scream Together” (2009), “Gigantic Monster Strikes Taiwan”(2012).
Winner of Gold Award( Non-fiction), Youth Film Festival 2011