Listening to Third Grandmother's Story

China / 2011 / Color / 75min
In Yunnan dialect with Chinese and English subtitles
Director : Wen Hui
27/1 (Sun) 2:00pm,agnès b. CINEMA

A dusty and broken house in Yunnan is the beginning of a journey into the forgotten past. This is the house of Third Grandmother of Wen Hui, the film director, who has never heard about the old woman from her father. Sitting in front of the ancestor tablets, Third Grandmother starts to tell her own stories, from the moment she stepped down from the bridal sedan chair, the shyness during her wedding night, to the terrors during the Cultural Revolution and her mother’s suicide in fear of her impending struggle session and public humiliation. Third Grandmother tells her stories casually and smilingly, even when she touches upon the tragic parts.
A renowned choreographer herself, director Wen Hui has added some stage elements to complement the interviews. On one occasion, she ties her long hair with Third Grandmother’s white hair; it is a moving scene that symbolizes the transmission of family memories.

Director's Biography

Wen Hui
Choreographer and dancer. She studied choreography at the Beijing Dance Academy and graduated in 1989. In 1994 she founded Living Dance Studio in Beijing with Wu Wenguang. In the following years she created and choreographed many performance pieces that toured worldwide. “Listening to Third Grandmother’s Stories” is her first documentary film.

Vienna International Film Festival 2011
Beijing Independent Film Festival 2012