Rainy Dawn Windy Dusk

China / 2012 / Color / 95min
In Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles
Director: Hu Lifu
26/1 (Sat) 7:30pm,agnès b. CINEMA

*Followed by Seminar

The director visited an old couple in Shengyang. Their son was sentenced to death for committing murder and they were waiting for the result from the court about the death penalty review. Most of the time, the old couple simply sat on the bed, telling their stories. They started from the sweet time of their son’s childhood and the trivial matters in their simple but fulfilling life. Then they couldn’t stop themselves complaining about the hardship of life, the injustice in law enforcement and the corruption of officials in mainland. It is difficult to get hold of their anger, much less escaping the helpless reality. They could only blame the government and, at the same time, wish that justice would be granted by the court. In the end of the story, the husband went out to work at dawn and the wife prayed to Buddha repetitively. This ordinary scene might represent the inescapable reality faced by most of the people in China today.

Director’s Biography

Hu Lifu
Born in Handan, Hebei Province, in 1976. Hu finished his first independent film “Lover” in 2007. His second film “Shuang Wai Wai”(2010) was selected in 2010 Beijing Independent Film Festival. “Under the Green Tree and Blue Sky” (2012) received the Best Picture and Best Fine Art Design in MMBuzz2012.

Lixianting's Film Fund Collect 2011
"Best Picture" , "Best Fine Art Design", MMBuzz2012