The Satiated Village

China / 2011 / Color / 88min
In Shandong dialect with Chinese and English subtitles
Director: Zhou Xueping
26/1 (Sat) 4:00pm,agnès b. CINEMA

*Followed by Seminar

What the result should it be after the director filmed a lost piece of village history? If “The Starving Village” (2010) was a question about the truth of history, “The Satiated Village” is obviously a counter-action of the villagers, who were deeply crashed by the emotional energy from the director towards the lost history of the village.

After her pervious film “Starving”. She started “Satiated” by inviting the elderly she had interviewed in “Starving” to join this filming project. The elderly first felt enthusiastic about director’s work until a question was raised by the director: the possibility of showing this film overseas. The elderly opposed the idea as they believe “one should never wash their dirty laundry in public”. However, the director’s niece and her young friends share the opposite point of view from the elderly. The opinion they held about the film was shown in a discussion scene which also shows their unexpected democratic sense by how they resolve conflicts.  

Director's Biography

Zhou Xueping
Born in Zhou Village, Shandong province in 1985. Graduated in New Media Department of The China Academy of Art and participate in the Caochangdi Workstation (Beijing) in 2009 as a Documentary Director. Her works include “Mother” (2008), “The Starving Village” (2010), and “The Satiated Village” (2011). She also has involved in drama production “The Family Opposition”; and performed in the Dance Drama “Memory 2: Famine”.

CAOCHANGDI Work Station, Crossing Festival 2011
China Independent Film Festival 2011