A Reunion Night + Whisper of Flowers +
If Her Flowers Fall Off

27/1(Sun) 4:00pm, agnès b. CINEMA
*Followed by Seminar

A Reunion Night

Taiwan / 2012 / Color / 29min
In Mandarin, Zhejiang dialect and Hakka
with Chinese and English subtitles
Director : Chiu Chui-Lung

How many reunions can a family share in a lifetime? Through matchmaking company, Shanshu, a Taiwanese man with Hakka accent, married a Jiejiang woman called Yuhua. The couple makes a living by selling tangyuan - glutinous rice balls on the street. One day, Yuhua’s sister who also married a Taiwanese decided to elope to Nanzih with her new boyfriend. Yuhua decided to follow her sister to Nanzih with her son Anan. Despite the fact that Shanshu is reluctant to let his wife go, he is unable to express his genuine feeling towards Yuhua. As the quiet but tender husband stands shoulder to shoulder with the wife who has left her hometown, their hearts are weighed down by different matters. Train departs, yet their future remains unknown.

Director’s Biography

Chiu Chui-Lung
Was graduated from Department of Visual Communication Design, and currently attending Graduate School in Department of Motion Pictures, National Taiwan University of Arts. His works focuses on the daily life of peasants in North Taiwan. His productions included “A Trip for Nobody” (2009), “Family Portrait : Fu Xiao-Shun, the youngest uncle & Fu Zhen Fan, the younger cousin” (2011), “A Reunion Night” (2011), “the Brighter day” (2012).

South Taiwan Film Festival 2012

Whisper of Flowers

Taiwan / 2012 / 彩色Color / 29min
In Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles
Director: Lau Kek Huat

Zhuyuan, age 45, thought he was dead when he saw a blooming lotus, as what he wished. Yet rather miraculously he was saved by his wife and son, who did not even notice Zhuyuan’s intention to commit suicide. In this family of three, each of them had their own sorrows and struggles and they were trying hard to keep their emotions in check. Silence permeated the room and their conversation was fragmented. The chain smoking continues and people remain silence. How can one survive in this world of confusion and suppression?

Director’s Biography

Lau Kek Huat
Was born in Malaysia. He is now pursuing his studies at the National Taiwan University, Department of Motion Picture. He is one of the founders of “The Alliance of Malaysian Film Students in Taiwan”, and has produced many short films, included “rat” (2009), “Cul de Sac Forest”(2009), “when it rains”(2012), “A Scene to the Sea”(2012).  His 2009 work “rat” was selected for various film festivals, such as Fresh Film Fes.、Urban Nomad Film Fest、Singapore Short film festival and Munich - International Film Festival (Germany).

Nominated for "Jury Prize", Global Chinese Universities Student Film and TV Festival 2011
Avyalik International Film Festival 2012
South Taiwan Film Festival 2012
Shanghai Film Festival 2012

If Her Flowers Fall Off

Taiwan / 2012 / Color / 33min
In Mandarin and Hoklo with Chinese and English subtitles
Director : Zhang Zaixing

“If Her Flowers Fall Off” tells the complex story between a chronically ill father and a young lady who works at night club, the young lady’s younger sister and her drug trafficking boyfriend. It is said that flowers in full bloom would become detached from its branches, and the branch in turn withers and dies. On the boisterous island of Taiwan, its inhabitants continue to struggle. Who would choose to confront the difficulties of life amidst such adversities?

Director’s Biography

Zhang Zaixing
Was born in 1986, and is now studying in the Graduate School of Media Arts in Kunshan University of Technology in Tainan, Taiwan. He has taken part in the performance of different major films and tele-films: “Monga” (2010), “Juliets” (2011), “Staggered” (2012) etc. His 16 mm short film “The Steps of Realization” (2010) received the “best main actor award” of the 33rd Golden Harvest Awards. The film was also enlisted in official selection of the “Southern Award of the Chinese Film Contest” of the 10th Southern Film Festival, in the “Golden Lion Review Film” of the International Students’ Film Festival of the Taipei Film Festival. It was also well received by the film critics and major press reviews.

South Taiwan Film Festival 2012