Vincent Chui
Festival Curator of HKIndieFF 2013, Artistic Director of Ying E Chi

The Chinese Independent Filmmaking Fundraising Project was started last year without much thorough preparation – it was driven solely by a desire to create a platform where independent film makers in Chinese communities in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan can share and recommend films with and for one another. It has been most uplifting that films such as “Hand In Hand” (2010), “The Cold Winter” (2011), “Days After N Coming” (2012) have continued to be screened at different independent film festivals at various cities after the initial screening at HKIFF. What is even more thrilling is that as part of our Co-producer project, we have been able to consolidate enough funding to finish six short films in Hong Kong and Chongqing. These six short films will be screened in this year’s HKIndieFF 2013.

Our hearts go out to Mr. Lai Yuchang from South Taiwan Film Festival for curating the Taiwan section of this festival. And to Ying Liang, director of “When Night Falls” (2012), for curating the Mainland China section. It is to our great loss that our partner festival at Chongqing would not be able to kick off due to widespread suppression and censorship. But we stand in solidarity, by continuing to invite mainland directors to Hong Kong for exchange, and by probing what roles Hong Kong can play in this very situation itself.

Ying Liang
Chinese Independent Filmmaking Alliance Curator of China Program

For the V-Artivists
A note on CIFA’s China Section

If the CCP officials’ criticism on Hong Kong’s attempt for independence was really grounded, what would happen if we call “Hong Kong Independent Film Festival” (HKIFF) the “Hong Kong Film Festival for Independence” instead? Would we be charged with treason, for acting against the motherland? Haha… And indeed, “independence” ought to exist between people; countries and professions…The so-called “scientific” concept of development would only make sense when we can face the diversity of the individual and the many possibilities in the world with honesty…Yet this concept of development may vanish for good as our “Prince Xi” steps up to power. Of course, the concept itself was not “scientific” to begin with.

Zhou Xueping recorded the reactions of the elderly as she visited her home village in Shandong, during the process which she asked the villagers to comment on “The Three Years of Natural Disasters.” The two films that came out of this process are “The Starving Village” and “Satiated Village”. “Listening to Third Grandmother’s Story” features the conversation between director Wen Hui and her Third grandmother in a Yunnan village, where the two conversed about topics from land reforms to marriage to the art form of dance. In “Rainy Dawn Windy Dusk” Hu Lifu visited the parents of Xia Junfeng “the murderer” in Shenyang, and depicted the hardships and history of a family. Hu Jia and Zeng Jinyan’s experiences of house arrest in Beijing culminated into “Prisoners in Freedom City”, where the two documented via first person narrative their daily lives so closely shared with the police.

It is a great predicament to be born into the prosperity of China today, but the unrelenting work carried out by independent film practitioners is a gem amidst difficult times. The China section of CIFA strives to manifest these practitioners’ works and states of mind.


Ying Liang
21st November, Taipei

Lai Yu Chang
Chinese Independent Filmmaking Alliance Curator of Taiwan Program

The competition program, South Award for Chinese filmmakers has been held by South Taiwan Film Festival (STFF) for 8 years, though it had been suspended the due to the lack of funding in 2011. However, STFF realize how important to provide an appropriate stage with public participation — as STFF has been promised to be a supporter of independent film makers — the competition has been re-opened.

Even with a halt in last year, the STFF had still received more than 230 creations from local, Hong Kong, Macau and China. As competitor from Hong Kong and Macau increasingly more, with no surprise, 3 films from Hong Kong and Macau had been selected.

In a nutshell, directors and academics of various specialties had helped STFF to do the recommendation for HKIFF; high-profile issues like environment and foreign spouses are presented by “Film Class in the End of World”, “A Reunion Night”, “Out of Place”, “Gigantic Monster Strikes Taiwan” features the perspective of Taiwan culture from self-portraits of their lives. “If Her Flowers Fall Off”, “Whisper of Flowers” have shown potentials of two fresh directors.

All in all, The STFF would be very pleased to have films with distinguished, edgy, experimental, social cares from Hong Kong, Macau. And love to keep introducing up-coming independent films in Taiwan to audience all over the world. The best!