The two seminars will begin after the screenings of A Song of the Bottom and Sea of Youth.  Audience without these tickets are still welcome to join the seminars as long as seats are still available.
Sangwoodgoon will be selling fresh crops at the cinema entrance before and after the screenings on 14th and 22nd November, please bring along your shopping bag and support local organic farming!

What is Sangwoodgoon?

Sangwoodgoon was founded in the Anti-XRL and Choi Yuen Village Movement.  It is now a place for growing fresh vegetables as well as new forms of community, with the belief that organic farming is critical to social movements and overthrowing mediocre governments.
14/11 (Mon),9:30pm
After the screening of A Song of the Bottom
Joyce Yang (Film critic)
Guest Speakers:
Wong Ain-ling (Film critic)、
Feng Yan (Documentary Filmmaker, Translator of the book Harvesting Film)
From the “identities” of Ogawa Shinsuke to his films

To understand Ogawa’s documentaries, one has to start from reviewing his many “identities”. Being firstly a novice of documentary filmmaking, then a “resident” in Sanrizuka with a camera, and finally a farmer in Magino Village, Ogawa and his camera gradually became a part of the world under his lens, a guidance of the land and of traditional values.

22/11 (Tue),8:26pm
After the screening of Sea of Youth
Chow Sze Chung (Farmer of Sangwoodgoon, Part-time Teacher)
Guest Speakers:
Cheung Tit Leung (Researcher, Lingnan University)、
Benny Chan (Member of v-artivist)、
Choi Kam Chuen (Former Director of the Film and Video Department of Hong Kong Arts Centre)
Ogawa Shinsuke -
Documentaries that transcend from social movements

Ogawa's filmmaking started with his concern for social protests, but then gradually tuned to his interest in the agricultural culture. A milder angle it might sound, but it is in fact an even more ambitious turn of direction. How may he inspire us in nowadays Hong Kong as well as local documentary filmmakers?