Sea of Youth
Japan / 1986 / Color / 222 min / 16mm
In Japanese with English Subtitles
Ogawa Shinsuke’s directorial debut traced the struggle of four working-class students who led the opposition against the Ministry of Education’s proposed overhaul of the university correspondence school system in 1966. During their struggle, the four students were forced to re-examine their ways of life as they had led them until now – was the slogan “Studying while you work is wonderful” true? And, why, after having worked so hard, must they still study? Ogawa’s camera embraced them, shared their worries, their agony, their relentlessness, and when they became determined to go on with their fight, the camera started literally running with them. The passion of the four students and that of the filmmaker’s blended together to make this a “youth film” in the truest sense of the word. (From the catalogue of Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival '93)

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