A Song of the Bottom
Japan / 1975 / B&W / 121 min / 16mm
In Japanese with English Subtitles
The oil shock of the early ‘70s exposed the fragility of the Japanese economy. The depression hit hard the laborers in low-rent workers’ ghettoes like Yokohama’s Kotobuki-cho. This film was taken by three young members of Ogawa Productions and the veteran cameraman Okumura Yuji, and is a record of the time they spent living with these “free workers”. Ogawa Shinsuke himself took charge of the post-production editing. Among the workers gathered in Kotobuki-cho one can see ex-farmers, who were unable to support themselves through agriculture alone. Filming these workers’ personal histories, the staff managed to draw from them their true selves, prying loose words from the heart. Due to the cramped working conditions, as well as the promise not to be overly conspicuous, this work was filmed with a Canon Scupick and recorded with a regular cassette tape recorder. Winner of the Motion Picture and Television Engineering Society of Japan Recording Prize. (From the catalogue of Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival '93)

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