Summer in Narita
Japan / 1968 / B&W / 108 min / 16mm
In Japanese with English Subtitles
1968 – the year students and workers revolted against established authorities around the world. In Narita, Japan, residents of the farming village Sanrizuka rose up in protest against the New Tokyo International Airport Project, a project that had been decided upon without any respect to local concerns. This film is the first in Ogawa Productions’ eight-year, seven-films Narita (Sanrizuka) Series. It was through this series that Ogawa and Ogawa Productions established their method of filming while living with the people they were filming. The camera followed the “Youth Brigade” as they decided to use arms in their struggles against the riot police. Ogawa said about this film: “All the shots were taken from the farmers’ side – we were always amongst them, shooting from their perspective. Even when we were shooting the authorities, we shot everything, face-on and also in contrast to this.” (From the catalogue of Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival)

agnès b. CINEMA
7/11/2011(Mon) 7:30PM