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We're as one

Me and My Condemned Son

24/1 (日Sun) 3:30pm

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導演 Director
李家驊 LEE Chia Hua
台灣 Taiwan|2019|75分鐘min|彩色Colour
國語、台語,中英文字幕 In Mandarin, Taiwanese with Chinese & English subtitles


Do we have the empathy to listen to the story behind unforgivable killers? Three death row inmates, three chilling murder cases—one kills his friend and asks for ransom, the other stabs his father over a hundred times, and lastly a shocking mass killer on a rampage. When we hear these stories on the news, it is difficult to muster any sympathy for the culprits. Yet director Lee Chia-Hua attempts to show us different sides of these three death row inmates from an intimate distance. The film features interviews of attorneys, judges, anti-death penalty advocates, correctional officers, and even the inmates…. Their varying perspectives and experiences give audience a chance to understand the far-reaching tragedy that is behind these “monsters.” The film does not aim to elicit sympathy. But to gaze at the darkest void of human nature is the beginning of empathizing with the family’s pain.

導演介紹 Director Biography
李家驊 LEE Chia Hua


Born in 1978 in Taipei, Lee Chia-hua graduated from the Department of Advertising at the National Chengchi University and from the Graduate Institute of the Tainan National University of Arts. Lee now works as an assistant professor of communications arts at the Chaoyang University of Technology. In 2003, the Spirit of 8, a documentary inspired by his life experience, was awarded with Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Special Mentions and Taipei Film Festival's Best Documentary. Another film, Qi Dian (2011) illustrates the reconciliation between a murderer and his mother, which also alludes to the director’s keen interest in judiciary and justice. Two years later a short documentary, I am innocent , I am CHENG Hsing Tse was released to express support to the Death-row prisoner Cheng Hsing Tse. Lee further contributes to Sunflower Occupation documenting the Sunflower Student Movement in 2014, among which the unit he directed, 24 Days Without Sunlight was selected by the Taiwan International Documentary Festival and Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival. In 2016, he directs the celebrated For More Sun II as a legacy to Lee Jong-wang’s preceding work. Lee presents his graphic image amicably, with an extra hint on his humanitarian, thought-provoking reflection.