Raging Land: Breaking new ground through Thorns and Thistles

16/12 (Fri) 7:30PM
Club YEC (Address: 4/F, Foo Tak Bldg, 365 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, H.K.)
* Please make reservation at hkindieff@gmail.com as seats are limited
Produced by: Supporting Group of Choi Yuen Village, v-artivist
Camera and Editing: Chan Yin Kai
2010 / Hong Kong / 120min / In Cantonese with Chinese & English subtitles

Choi Yuen Village, a village threatened by the Expressrail. In 2009 villagers went through countless demonstrations and petitions, which triggered the Anti-expressrail movement at the end of 2009. Thousands of citizens surrounded the Legco to stop the budget from passing; all villagers only wanted their village to survive. In early spring 2010, the budget finally passed. The following Chinese New Year was not easy for the villagers, they had to decide whether they want to abandon the old village or not. At last, they come to the conclusion to accept the offer of land rehabilitation scheme and rebuild a new village together.

In March, Choi Yuen Eco-community Building Studio was founded in assistance of building of the new village. Villagers and volunteers went on searching for land in Pat Heung together. For the time being, the struggle was not over, villagers still need to fight for the qualification of the rehabilitation scheme, which meant they needed to prove they are farmers. Finding of new land, planning the future new village together, all needed the hard work of the villagers. People in the general public still misunderstood the situation of the villagers, always thought they got a lot of compensation, the government would buy the land and build the new village for them, etc. All these bitter-sweet moments, all the hardship and quarrels and all the emotions of the villagers, they were all in for continuing their original life style.

The Longan Trees that didn’t bear any fruits in 2009 blossomed and fruited lavishly in 2010. In this difficult time, what can keep villagers go together all the way long?

More information: http://ragingiron.wordpress.com/